Wedding stylist

Amelia offers wedding stylist services! When preparing for the wedding and looking for the fateful dress, you can’t help but wonder what accessories to use, how to do my hair, what makeup to wear. The bride has to feel beautiful, elegant and glamorous, doesn’t she? The wedding design studio Amelia offers an excellent opportunity to create a visual image of your wedding, develop accessories that will complement your wedding dress and create a unique image under the guidance of designer and stylist Ieva Ruka.

Basic set

- Finding the dress of your dreams.

- Advice on what to look for in a dress, considering the relevance of material, tone and silhouette, that is the most suitable for you.

- Finding the right set of accessories

Duration: 90-120 min

Full offer

- Creating a visual image

- The Dress

- Accessories

- Make-up advice and execution

- Hair arrangement counsel and execution

- Finding the right flower arrangements in cooperation with our partners

Duration: approximately 4h

In the safe hands of our professionals, not only you’ll be postured to your special day but also receive useful tips to apply every day. Be beautiful and have confidence in yourself every day!

Contact information:; +371 20 203848

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