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Dear brides to be, you will not regret buying a wedding dress form Amelia! I had the most beautiful dress, thank you so much, Amelia studio! I received so many compliments on my wedding day. If you want something a bit extraordinary and not the usual, classical wedding dress, Amelia is the place where you will find your one and only because each dress has it's own cherry on top. Thank you, Amelia! :)

Cozy atmosphere, wonderful professionals, and the most beautiful dresses! I truly recommend to search or create your dream dress at Amelia studio!

Wonderful choice! As I walked in the studio, I instantly felt at home. Peaceful surroundings, heartwarming service, and femininity that I could feel all around this place! Time passed by too quickly and not for a second I had the thought of going elsewhere. I received my dream that I haven't even dreamed about but I knew that it is the one and only dress for me! :)

Fantastic, welcoming and understanding professionals, very beautiful and original dresses! It was very hard for me to choose but the first one I tried on was the one! Thank you for the positive experience, it was really important to me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made my dream dress into reality! It withstanded Greek, sand and waters, and even Latvian forests and in the end looked like new! Thank you for the quality!

The dress was excellent!! You made something fantastic! I felt soooo beautiful and everybody loved is so much! Amelia girls, You are amazing!

Thank you for my beautiful and wonderful wedding dress! On my wedding day I felt fantastic, because of the wedding dress you made for me! Amelia is definitely is a dream wedding dress studio!

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day! Dress was beautiful and comfortable. And the yellow buttons on the back looked great!

Thank you for the perfect dress! It was exactly how I wanted it to be and all the guests loved it! Even it was mermaid style dress it was very comfortable!

My wedding dress was fantastic! Thank you so much! I don't regret for a second that I choose Amelia and the guests were delighted!

My lovely Amelia girls- Thank you so much for the dress! I heard so much compliments!

You are GOLD!

Thank you so much for your work! Dress came out exactly how I wanted. Dress is simple, but with something extra and chic! I danced with the dress on till the morning and I didn't want to take it off.

Thank you for the dress, everything was beautiful. When I saw the dress on a hanger, I didn't think that it would look so good on! I heard a lot of compliments.

Thank you Amelie for the most beautiful wedding dress! I felt so beautiful and comfortable! I heard a lot of compliments, that this was the PERFECT dress for me and in photos it looked great!

Thank you Amelia's friendly ladies for creating such beautiful wedding dress, which reflected my essence! I heard lot for compliments for this elegant dress. Thank you!

You made our wedding day unforgettable!

The dress you created is a dream. It made me the most beautiful bride! Thank you! Thanks 1000 times!

I want to say a huge thank you for my beautiful wedding dress - your studio saved my wedding! I bought my dress only week before my big day (since the first dress I bought in another bridal shop was redone not the way I expected, I had to look for a new one six days before my wedding). Your employees helped me to find the one and only wedding gown and adjusted it perfectly in just a few days. Without Your help my wedding would not be as magical as it was. Thank  you and wish You the greatest success!

Amelia! I would like to tell you a massive thanks! You created a wonderful dress in a very very short time. Thanks for the individual approach and the best stuff ever!

I would like to thank you for my ideal wedding dress from the bottom of my heart! On my wedding day I felt really comfortable and beautiful - thank you very much! Thank you for the last minute dress rescue operation and personal attitude, so that on my wedding day, I would have such a beautiful dress!

A big thank you for my marvelous dress! Everything was perfect!

Thank tou very much for the wedding dress, it was wonderful!

Thank you very much for the beautiful dress that made my special day even more special!
Thank you for creating such a stunning dress, a million compliments! I'm insanely in love with my wedding dres and I'll never take it off! Say yes to the perfect dress! Kisses and hugs to the whole Amelia team, you're great!

I wanted to tell You a huge thanks for the dress.❤️ My words are less to describe how great I felt in it and as a lot of Amelia clients - I didn't want to take it off! It certainly was THE DRESS all girls dream of as a child. 

I wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful dress. ❤ Since the moment of purchasing my dress, I feel that it was created just for me. And all the time since the moment of it’s creation, it patiently waited for me when I will come to your studio and buy it.

To Ieva I wish to keep a sparkle of creativity as well as a lot of new and beautiful dress that will please all future brides. It is obvious that you love your job and your excellent at it, so keep going only further. I hope you always will be available at the studio because, according to my experience, it is a wonderful feeling when you can meet the designer of your dream dress face to face.

To all fairys at the studio I wish to be able to maintain the feeling that every single bride is expected and taken care of. Because so charming and helpful ladies as are in your studio, I didn’t meet in other wedding salons. This was the reason why I went to your studio three times until I met my dress. A big thanks to the fantastic fairy AIVITA, without her help, I would not be able to find my one and only dress.

Hello, dear Amelia! I would like to thank you for the wonderful dress. The beautiful bride is a happy bride, right? In your dress, I felt really beautiful. The best compliment to me was the look of my husband Frederick, seeing me when I entered the church and compliments from guests - You were so beautiful, but still You yourself! I could not imagine myself in a corset wedding dress that wouldn't let me breathe or in a dress with plastic ring petticoat. It is outdated to say that beauty requires sacrifices: why should it, if Amelia creates so beautiful and comfortable dresses at the same time! Thank you very much! ♥

I want to tell a massive thanks to Amelia studio and team for my exquisite wedding dress! I felt like a princess. Although the dress is simple, it is so glorious and I felt extremely comfortable in it til the next morning! Thank you very much for turning my dream into reality and altering the dress based on my desires. I truly recommend Amelia studio because of the individual approach to every bride and kind attitude from Amelia team every single time I was in the studio. And also a big thanks to seamstresses for amazing work. Wish you all the best!

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for my "Gold-checker" wedding dress! I received a ton of compliments about my wedding look!

I can't thank you and seamstress Iveta enough for your extraordinary work and the great love you've have put into my wedding dress. The time before the wedding is really special and the word less tell you how many thousands, millions of thoughts were in my head, but every time I went to your studio - I felt expected and calm. Thank you for your patience and sincerity - it is the key to great things! On my wedding day I felt so as happy in my heart as from the outside - wearing the wedding dress that was created specially for me and that is as I wanted it to be! My groom loved it so much that he wasn't able get his eyes off of me! I know and believe that both of you are in the right place and that's why you manage everything so beautifully - because it's done with love. You create amazingly beautiful things and make every single bride feel special. It was important to me that my wedding dress would be sewn by a person with a good heart and when I met Iveta - I understood it immediately and I was very happy that our roads intersect in this way! Wishing you great success and keep up the spark of creativity!!!

Thank you very much for my beautiful wedding dress! I received a ton of compliments about it! Thank you for who you are and for making many, many brides truly happy!

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for my wonderful wedding dress! :) My wedding gown came out to be exactly as I dreamed it would be! It is a simple yet special and different wedding dress. My beautiful, romantic and ethereal swiss dot wedding dress! :) 

I wanted to thank you very much for my beautiful wedding gown. ❤ It has been a while since my wedding day, but now, looking at my wedding photos, I can only make sure once again that the dress was as created just for me! Many thanks for my great day's great feeling!

Thank you for the opportunity to feel as beautiful as ever! I received so many good words compliments, question about my wedding dress dress!

I wanted to say one big thank you for being part of my special day. About the dress - just in my style - simple and ethereal!

Labdien, saulainā studijas "Amelia" saime!

Ir pagājis jau gads kopš mūsu, Ievas un Kaspara, dienas! Laiks aiztek kā

upe, un ir tāds pat kā upe - divreiz vienā un tajā pašā neiekāpsi - unikāli

neatkārtojams! Gluži tāda pati bija mūsu mīlestības svinēšanas diena,

unikāli burvīga savā vienkāršībā!

Kāzās, manuprāt, ir vairāki simboli, kas šo dienu dara tik skaistu, atmiņā

paliekošu. Viens no tiem pilnīgi noteikti ir līgavas kāzu kleita! Kā jau

katrai mazai meitenei ir savs sapnītis par balto kleitu vienreiz mūžā, arī

man tāds bija. Un tas īstenojās! Ar jūsu palīdzību!

Gribu jums pateikt VISLIELĀKO PALDIES! Paldies par mana sapņa īstenošanu!

Jūsu darinātā līgavas kleita ļāva man justies kā īstai balles karalienei,

izbaudīju katru sekundi.

Lai jums ar katru kāzu sezonu arvien vairāk apmierinātu līgaviņu! Lai

unikālu kleitu dizainu idejas virmo gaisā! Darbaspars ļauj tās īstenot! Jūs

radāt mākslu, kas atkausē līgaviņu sirdis un sapņus pārvērš īstenībā!

 Bija milzīgs prieks ar jums sadarboties!

Paldies ❤😘

Mīļā, Amelia un Ieva!

Šajās dienās aprit tieši gads, kopš iegādājos visskaistāko kāzu kleitu. Un

tas notika tieši pie Jums!

Plānojot un domājot par kāzām man šķita, ka atrast sapņu kleitu ir viens no

sarežģītākajiem uzdevumiem visā plānošanas procesā, bet ne vienmēr visam ir

jābūt tik sarežģīti. Amelia bija otrais kāzu salons, kuru apmeklēju un nepilnas

stundas laikā, paspējot iemalkot arī kafiju, ārā devos būdama par vienu kleitu

bagātāka un neaprakstāmi laimīga!

Asaras acīs, kas sariesās gan vedējmātei, gan veikala pārdevējai liecināja,

ka kleita ir "patiešām mana"!

Kāzu dienā jutos skaista un trausla! Likās, ka kleita ir šūta tieši man, jo

derēja perfekti! Un komplimentu jūra, kas bira kāzu dienā- ak, cik tas bij


Paldies, ka radījāt manu SAPŅU kleitu! ❤

Lai arī turpmāk Jums izdodas piepildīt līgavu  sapņus un padarīt viņu

dienas neaizmirstamas!


Ieva Pelša

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