Amelia bride fabulous wedding story on international wedding media.

Read about our wonderful newlyweds' special wedding story on one of the most popular international wedding blogs JuneBug Weddings, in which you will find both, information about trusted wedding industry brands from around the world and inspiration for your special day from the experience of other newlyweds.


On the wedding day of Baiba and Emils, lingering in the air there was unmistakable spirit of freedom and bohemia, accompanied by a charm of elegance and romance. Baiba chose to sew her wedding dress directly in Amelia's studio because she was confident Amelia would help create a dress that reflects that the only and unbroken love that is between the loving couple.


Amelia's team is truly proud of the inclusion of our lovely bride's wedding day story in the popular and recognized wedding media to continue to inspire not only domestic but also foreign future brides and help them not to fear and dare to be different and, above all, to bes themselves!


More inspiration from Baibas and Emīls weddings you can find here: šeit.


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