A Guide To The World of Amelia Wedding Dresses

Finding a wedding dress for the bride is one of the most imporant things in the entire

pre-wedding and wedding period. It is not easy to find the one and only wedding gown alone

but it gets even harder when you begin to doubt whether or not the dress will match your

body shape or the fabric is the right one. We have created this guide for the upcoming brides

to freely learn about Amelia's assortment of dresses, so that making a choice would be much


In this article, we are going to look at:

-What is Amelia wedding dress

-Colour palette

Types of Amelia wedding dresses

-Tulle dresses

-Lace dresses

-Chiffon dresses

-Satin dresses

We promise on your wedding day no one will be able to take their eyes off you!


What is Amelia wedding dress?


Our wedding dresses are nature inspired!

Created for women who know their value and want to emphasize it with a simple but beautiful dress.

Amelia believes in the woman's inner beauty, which the dress must highlight not outshine. That is

why Amelia’s boho wedding dresses are made comfortable, breathable and hundreds of brides beloved.

Colour palette

Amelia offers dresses in different shades of beige tones - you'll definitely find a shade that will be perfect

for you. These colours are very popular and treasured by brides all around the world.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional snow white wedding gowns, Amelia offers a wide selection

of beige, brown,cream and milk tones that shows our tulle and lace dresses.


Tulle dresses


Wonderful, airy and very popular tulle dresses can be worn by women with different body shapes. It is

one of the best choice for you to feel comfortable, free and slightly magical on your wedding day!


Lace dresses


When time comes to choose material of the dress, lace has been favored by brides throughout time. Amelia

brides have enjoyed all sorts of lace wedding dresses as well, adding that little spark of a vintage charm

to their special day.


There are so many different types of lace - thick, thin, narrow, wide, airy, heavy, rough, silky and, of

course, accesible in different shades.


Amelia offers a wide selection of lace and different lace dresses designs. If you want to feel luxurious,

elegant and aesthetic, without losing comfort and freedom of movement, choose the perfect lace dress

from Amelia!

By using not only lace, but also combining it with other fabrics Amelia designer Ieva Ruka is able to

create unique and bride beloved wedding gowns. The combination of chiffon, tulle, and other fabrics

with different types of lace allows each future bride find something that makes her eyes glow.



Chiffon dresses


Chiffon dresses are very comfortable - they are airy, lightweight, soft and opaque. Amelia offers a variety

of chiffon dresses , so that each of the brides can find their favorite.


Satin dresses


Classical satin dresses can instantly make a woman feel confident, elegant and beautiful! This traditional

fabric has been loved by brides for a very long time.


Silky, lightweight and charming material will highlight every woman’s inner beauty and appeal.

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