About us

Each dress is unique, handmade and created with love and special treatment for it. Wedding dress design studio AMELIA, it is a place where bride's dream is converted into reality.

Hand-made wedding dresses from Latvia - characterized by their asceticism, ease, elegance and, of course, romance and femininity, which combines boho and vintage styles. Dresses are designed to be easy and comfortable so the bride would feel as good as possible on her wedding day.

If you see two dresses from Amelia which you love, but wish they were combined into your perfect dress- we can do that! Any of our dresses can be combined, with any other of our dresses, just look through our collections and make your decision.

Not all of our beautiful wedding dresses are photographed, and there are a lot more designs in or wedding dress studio.

Amelia creates wedding gowns, which differ with their ease and being comfortable. Our bride is a modern bride! 

With great pleasure, me and my charming fairies, will help you select and choose the perfect wedding dress for you. 

We always consider our brides taste, body and her requirements for the ideal dress.

When you love what you do, everything falls into places.

Good luck, our beautiful, Bride!


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